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FUNDRAISER  -  Percentage %


BOGO Stamp Cards


Step 1:


Step 2:

  • Select BOGO Card Quantity and Pre-Pay; BOGO Cards are priced at:

    • $5 each with minimum purchase of 200 cards (profit $25 per card sold)

    • $7 each with minimum purchase of 100 cards (profit $23 per card sold)

    • $10 each with minimum purchase of 50 cards (profit $20 per card) 

    • Cards are sold in increments of 10 starting at minimum 50

  • Sign Fundraising Contract and Submit with payment 


Step 3:

  • Sell BOGO Cards for $30 Each = 50% Savings for customers! Customers will buy 1 medium bowl from any HI Cravings location and receive 1 FREE medium bowl PLUS 1 (any topping) --Valid up to 5 times PER CARD! 

  • Cards Valid for 6 months from Fundraiser start date

  • Unsold BOGO cards ARE NOT REFUNDABLE, If they aren’t used or sold they will expire.





CONTRACT DETAILS: (for information please fix format)

  • Contact us with name of organization fundraising (provide non profit details if applicable) 

  • Select fundraising card amount “ “ 

  • Coordinator Contact Name & Phone Number & Email 

  • I understand a minimum purchase of 50 fundraiser cards is required upfront

  • I understand that I CAN NOT get refunded for unsold fundraiser cards

  • I agree to sell my fundraiser cards for no more than $30 

  • I understand my fundraiser cards expire 6 months following my fundraiser date on my contract (Fundraiser start date is when payment is received ) 

  • Signature line & Date

  • Signature line & Date (HIC Representative) 


FUNDRAISER  -  Percentage %

Perfect For:

Food truck pop ups are ideal for individuals or organizations that are hosting an already organized event. For example, large games, fairs, craft fairs, car washes, or any event that will draw a crowd. 



Organizer must provide:

  • 10x20 parking space for our food truck

  • Recommend a 3 hour period for HI Cravings to be present vending product at your event.

  • You bring the crowd, we cut you the check. 

  • A percentage of Sales goes towards your organization/cause. This percentage will be determined when event info is submitted and is typically starts at 10%


Contact us about a Pop Up Fundraiser!


Provide the following Information:

  • Name of Coordinator:

  • Contact phone and email:

  • Organization Name:

  • Are you a non profit? Yes or No

  • Aproximate Head Count at event: 




Time and Date of Event (please select a 3 hour period you wish for us to vend):


Please allow 24hrs for email responses. Mahalo!

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